Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1 Nephi 15:24 - Listen to the Word of God

Hey Family!
   I don´t have much news this week.  We have worked only when we have appointments because last week we worked a little too hard for Elder Farnsworth.  We were told to lessen the amount of work.... Hopefully this coming week will result with more hours of work!

   Here is an update of our investigators.
Iva: She had her baptismal interview and passed it with flying colors! She want to have her baptism this past Saturday but her dad said that it was too quick.  He wants her to read more of the Book of Mormon. She was actually crying when he said that because she wanted to have it Saturday so bad.  It was sad to see, but we have to do what the parents say. She will have her baptism this Saturday night!

Den: He had his baptismal interview as well and passed it with flying cars! He will have his baptism this week.  The conversion that he has had is amazing.  He started with no interest in religion, and now his main worry is staying strong once he is baptized.  We continually promise him that the Gift of the Holy Ghost will be his guide once he is a member.  He told us that before meeting us, he had never felt the love of God.  Now it is all he thinks about... I love the Gospel!

Cam: She is a little scared to be baptized because she doesn´t know how her mom will react.  When her father got baptized, Cam´s mom reacted very badly.  It caused a little division in the family for a while.  Now they are back to normal, but Cam is worried that it will happen again.  We promise her that the Gospel and baptism will only bless her family.  Especially her mom.  She knows it´s true and should get baptized this week if she continues fulfilling her commitments.

Car: He had a very rough week.  A few experiences happened this week that caused him convince himself that our church has some rules made by men. Mainly rules of the mission.  He has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, but this trial from Satan is testing his testimony.  We are supporting him and helping him all we can but he isn´t making the changes necessary for repentance.  He won´t change his view on the rules, therefore he can´t receive any more answers from God.  We are praying for direction for Car.

   We are very excited for this week.  We will spend a majority of the time contacting and finding new investigators for May.  We know that the Lord will place those that are chosen in our path if we are obedient with exactness.  

   I pray for all of you, and especially for the victims of the tragic attack at the marathon.  What a blessing it is to know the plan of God.  If we focus on His plan, we will find comfort in times of trial.

Elder Weidman

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