Monday, August 12, 2013

D&C 132:50 -- He has seen our sacrifices

Hey Family!

   This week was a great week as well.  The week flew by like most weeks and Ed was baptized yesterday!  The main change that I have noticed this past week was the unity that the ward and missionaries had together. The first change I realized was the amount of references that we were receiving.  We received so many that some days of the week we had no time to proselyte for ourselves because the members were loading us with names.  The Quorum of the 12 have testified that that is how God wants the Missionary Work to be.  All appointments from members and no time for knocking doors.  From experience, I can testify that is a very effective way to bring the Gospel into more people´s lives.  Of course as missionaries, we still have to do our part in finding new investigators because there are millions of people out there who are ready to hear the Gospel, but the Lord has commanded that every member be a missionary.  Why would we not want to share the happiness and joy we have that comes from the Restored Gospel?!  As missionaries, we are promised power and authority in our words if we strive to teach with the Spirit but this promise is extended to all children of God.  Just this week a member named Cesar told us of his first contact with the church.  He said that he was talking with a friend who wasn´t a member but had a little knowledge about the Gospel.  His friend explained a little bit about the Restoration through Joseph Smith and then bore his testimony by saying that he approved of the message.  This little chat impacted the heart of Cesar and he continued looking for more until he found the missionaries.  The little and simple testimony that a non member gave to his friend lead to the conversion of a child of God.  Now this member is always looking for ways to share the Gospel with his friends.  Like it says in the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord recognizes our sacrifices and will provide the way for us!  Our joy will be tremendous if we share what we know.  I challenge all who read this letter to share their testimony with one friend who does not have the same beliefs as you.  One little sentence of how the Lord has blessed you in your life.  I promise that the Spirit will give power to the words that you say.

   Wow.  Well enough of that. I just exploded what was in my mind onto the email. I hope it makes sense.  Ed was baptized and around 58 people attended his baptism!  He asked me to perform the baptism and I was more than happy to do it.  His mom died a couple years ago and while we were stepping into the water, he said ¨I know that my mom is happy.¨  That simple truth almost brought tears to my eyes.  The branch has done an amazing job of extending their love to Ed and he will now stay active in the church.  

   Wednesday are changes.  Tomorrow we will know if I leave or not.  I´ve been here for 3 months, so there is a possiblity that I leave, but only God knows.  Mom and Dad, you have changes this week too right?  I bet that it is very stressful right now.  You are in our prayers!  You´re a Weidman.  You can do it!

Elder Weidman

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