Monday, August 5, 2013

Romans 1:16, Alma 31:5 - Power of Salvation is Most Powerful

 Hey Family!

   I have a companion now!  His name is Elder Morales, has been on the mission for 2 months, and is from Peru.  I don´t know if I told you last week, but he as in Con Con and baptized one of my old investigators.  My old companion, Elder Farnsworth, started the training of Elder Morales and now I am finishing it.  I know that Elder Morales has a purpose for coming up to Coquimbo so unexpectedly and we are both going to figure it out together.   

   This week was a lot of walking and talking to people in the street, but one of our investigators, Pat, was baptized yesterday!  The baptismal program as amazing because 50 people came and we were all jammed inside a small room where the font was, but the spirit was very strong!  I had the privilege to baptize him and everything went perfectly.  Our other investigator, Ed, went to the baptism and he is super excited for his baptism next weekend.  We have taught him about all the lessons and he has accepted every single one without a problem.  I feel really blessed to have had these two investigators, especially during the past week when I was all over the place.  I know that the Lord has put me and my companions here in Coquimbo because it is where we need to be.  We must become consecrated missionaries so that He can guide us to those who are ready for the Gospel.  Leave everything on the table and give your whole self to The Creator.  I´m going to make this email short, but this week is the last week of the change.  I´m pretty sure that I´ll write next Monday, but who knows.  MAYBE NOT!  I´ll try to send a few more photos!

I pray for and love you all!

Elder Weidman

Without any forehand experience, us 6 missionaries built fences for a neighbor. We're fierce like fire.

We had fun while doing some service one morning.

A photo of my area from the other side of the bay.


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