Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alma 17:2-3 Teach with Power and Authority

Hey family,

   A quick note this week.  Quillota is awesome!  My companion and I have been running every other morning and doing other exercises the other days because of the great weather in the morning.  I have met most all of the active members in the ward, and they are all willing to work with us.  This past week, a recent convert who was baptized about 2 weeks ago gave us a reference, who´s name is Nico.  Nico is 15 years old and is very interested in the Church.  During our first lesson, he confessed to us that he wants to serve a mission even though he isn´t a member.  His mom already gave him permission to be baptized and now his is only waiting for the 8th of September.  Yesterday he came to church 20 minutes early and loved every second of it.  I feel very blessed to have an investigator like him because we really didn´t do much to find him and he doesn´t have any problems that will stop him from being baptized.  The second investigator with a baptismal date is Nacho.  He is the boyfriend of one of the members and recently returned from Spain.  He shared with missionaries before leaving for Spain and didn´t have much interest, but now that him and his girlfriend, Coni, are going to get married, he is thinking a lot more about baptism.  He came to a ward activity we had on Saturday and then to Church yesterday.  During church, we talked to him about a baptismal date and he accepted for the 8th of September as well.  This morning, we went with him and Coni to set a date for their marriage. The Lord is blessing us tremendously.

  I had an interchange with Elder Gatica this week.  I don´t know if you all remember him but we shared the ward of Con Con back in April.  He helped me improve and live up to my potential as a missionary back in those days.  Now he is Assistant and we were able to spend a day together in his area in Viña.  The Spirit was amazing that day and I was, yet again, taught many things by him.  I know that Presidente Kahnlein calls the mission leaders by revelation.

   That is all for this week.  I heard that school is starting this week.  Good luck everyone!  I still can´t believe that the past school year has already ended.  Oh well.. Have a good week!

Elder Weidman

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