Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ether 12:27 - Weakness Become Strong

Hey Family!

   Well the transfers came and now I am working in Quilpue with my new companion, Elder Swindler. He has just started his second transfer in the mission field so Ill be covering his training for the next month. He is from Riverton, Utah and is the youngest of 7 so we have a LOT in common.  He understands how hard and stressful it is to be the youngest in a big family :). JOKE! No, we have talked a lot about how blessed we have been in our lives to have older siblings who have been huge role models in our lives. I feel really privileged to have Elder Swindler as my new companion because he came to the mission spiritually pre-trained.  You cant even tell that this is his 8th week in the field because he shows his tremendous faith through his comments and actions in the day.

  The Lord blessed me too much by sending me here to Quilpue.  A day has not pasted where we have not found a new investigator.  2 of those investigators now have baptismal dates for the 3rd of August and we are working with 2 others so that our baptismal goal of 4 for our time together can be accomplished. On of the investigators with a baptismal date is named Lucas.  He is 18 years old, was in prision last year, and wants to have a complete change in his life. We taught him the plan of salvacion this past week and he understood everything! When we explained about why it was necessary for Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, he practically yelled that it made so much sense.  At the end of the lesson he accepted a baptismal date and said that he wanted to do it so that he could live in the Celestial Kingdom!  I love when our investigators understand the Plan of Salvation.  My favorite moment is when the light bulb clicks, a smile comes on their face, and the Holy Ghost is seen in their eyes. It is an undescribable moment where the investigator usually gains their first testimony of the Restored Gospel. Lucas came with us to Church yesterday and we were able to get to know the members together. We plan on having contact with him everyday this week in order to help him continue progressing.

   Saying goodbye to Valparaiso was truly a sad moment but once we arrived to the transfers meeting and sang Ill go where you want me to go, I felt a spiritual assurance that I need to be in Quilpue. 

Love you all!

Elder Weidman

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