Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DyC 100:5-8 Speak thoughts God puts in your heart

Hey family!
   The week flew by like always which isnt the most pleasing thing for me. I'm trying to make use of every minute that I have left while trying to make it pass by slow at the same time, but I've come to the conclusion that it is imposible.  When you are lost in the work, the time doesn't matter.  Every minute is spent giving your all.  The continuos effort given out should never decrease from 100%, whether it be 11 in the morning or 930 at night. Your mind should be competely focused on the Lord's work.  You should not let anything distract you from your purpose as missionary.  In Doctrine and Covenants 4 it says that the eye should be single to the glory of God but I would like to talk about the Spanish translation.  In the spanish Doctrine and Covenants the word "eye" is replaced with "mira" which means "scope" in English. Like the scope that is used on a sniper rifle to aim directly at the target. If the scope is used correctly, you can hit exactly where necessary with 0 doubt. Dad has a lot of experience and I´m sure that he would be more than pleased to explain with more detail the benefits of a scope! In Mission Work, you must have your ¨scope¨ pointed with 100% zoom at God´s purpose which is to ¨bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man¨. Once your vision is at that point, nothing will effect you.  You won´t even notice the things that are passing around you because the all your efforts, desires, and prayers will be consecrated to Him.  Not a single distraction will be able to enter.  What an amazing promise.
   The work here in Quilpue is beginning to explode.  We ended the week with 3 bautismal dates: 1 for the coming Sunday and 2 for the one that will follow.  The 2 for the 10th of August are a brother and sister.  The brother is Lucas, who I talked a little about last week.  His schedule is a bit difficult because he is only home at 930 pm during the week, but we have been taking advantage of every second that we have with him.  He inicially had a baptismal date for the 3rd but after introducing us to his sister, Cata, and explaining to her about how his view on life has changed in the past 2 weeks, he happily accepted an invitation to be baptized with  Cata on the 10th!  They both are reading the Book of Mormon together and if one has a doubt or fear of being baptized, the other will comfort them with advice and make sure that they are happy. It´s awesome to be able to teach a brother and sister and see how they are united in this decision.  Great examples!
Elder Weidman

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