Thursday, July 10, 2014

Helaman 15:6 - Unwearied Dilligence

Hey family!

   The title of this email has a lot to do with what happened this week. In the moment, we don´t have many investigators so we have been working extra hard on finding news and the zone has also been passing for the same situation.  Realizing that the lack of investigators was a problem all over the stake of Valparaiso, the Stake President, High Priest assigned to the Mission Work, and us met together with the Bishops of every ward in one huge meeting in order to develop a Stake level plan of how to involve members more in the work.  A stake mission plan was made that consists of two sides: the ward council side and everyday member side. Here is the first part of the plan: First, members of the Ward Council, accompanied by the missionaries, will visit every single active family in the ward and will explain the ward mission plan with great detail.  Second, the Bishopric will do divisiones with the missionaries of their ward at least one weekend of every month. Third, all the members of the ward in organized groups will spend one Sunday afternoon of every month visiting the less active member families that have at least one person over the age of 7 in their home who is not baptized to encourage the family to return to church.  These are the 3 actions that the ward council has the responsibility to bring to pass. 

   The second part of the stake mission plan is for each member and focuses on helping the members make the participation in missionary work be a natural part of their lives.  Every member will be given a Preach My Gospel (fulfilling Elder Ballard´s invitation) and a hard cover Book of Mormon.  The families will focus one family home evening of every month on Preach My Gospel so that they can apply the teachings and see the blessings. It will be a family goal (like seen in this video and they will always have a Book of Mormon available to give out.  The ward and full time missionaries will pass by often to give brief training and answer any questions had.

   It´s a very spiritually inspired and thought out plan that is difficult to write in an email with the little time that I have.  But like I said before, the main purpose of the plan is to have the members develop personal testimonies of the Work of Salvation so that they too can participate. 

Love you all!
Elder Weidman

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